About Gary

Gary Stringham is the founder and president of Gary Stringham & Associates, LLC. He uses his 30+ years of experience in the embedded systems industry to assist clients in their product development and engineering training. As an expert, he assists litigation clients understand technical aspects of case. He has engineering experience in R&D and manufacturing with a track record of cost-savings and innovation. He has worked in the design, implementation, and testing of solutions involving software, hardware, and firmware (software that runs machines and devices.) He also has extensive expertise in diagnosing and resolving a broad range of engineering problems.

Gary has assisted clients with various tasks, including developing a new I/O protocol and determining the cause of data corruptions. One client’s lone engineer had left a year before and Gary was asked to determine the latest version of the code and fix a defect. Gary has collected and verified fulfillment of product requirements and analyzed spreadsheet designs. As an expert witness he has supported legal teams in software patent, copyright, and trade secret litigations. He has written a book and has given presentations at conferences and in webinars.

Prior to forming Gary Stringham & Associates, Gary worked for Hewlett-Packard Company for over 21 years, working in Fort Collins, Colorado; Exeter, New Hampshire; Böblingen, Germany; and Boise, Idaho. At HP he developed and maintained several device drivers controlling a variety of blocks on various ASICs and SoCs (types of chips) for HP LaserJet printers. He successfully diagnosed chip problems when they occurred and then designed and developed firmware workarounds, saving $500,000 and three months for each chip retool averted. He applied his chip design principles to champion several design changes in subsequent chips, resulting in later savings of development costs and schedules.

Gary helped develop various tools used for the development, testing, and manufacturing of HP-UX workstation and LaserJet printer products. For a printer emulator tool, he developed the board design, the FPGA (another type of chip) code, the firmware running on the tool, and the software running on the host computer. Thousands of emulators have been deployed over the years, saving HP and a key partner over $10 million in prototype costs, development time, and warranty costs. In one instance, the emulator reduced a 40-hour manual test to a 35-minute automated test. For a manufacturing test tool, he architected the tool, led a team of 10 engineers to develop it, and deployed it at five manufacturing sites world-wide.

Gary has been awarded 12 US patents and some foreign patents. He also authored fifteen defensive publications.

Gary is a Senior Member of IEEE. He holds a BSEE from Brigham Young University and an MSEE from Utah State University.

Headshot of Gary Stringham