Patents and Defensive Publications of Gary Stringham.

U.S. Patents Granted

Modifying printing based on print job clues
Information sharing device
Systems and methods for printing
Method and apparatus for language translation of production job output
Computer system and method for increased processing power by communicating with non-computer devices
System and method for printing multiple print jobs in a single action
Systems for and methods of distributing mail
Printer power management
Fuser assembly including first and second fusers
Breaking up a bus to determine the connection topology and dynamic addressing
Wired-and bus interface circuit for galvanically isolating nodes
Print path identifiers to identify print medium paths
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  • Bill Meade
    Gary is a great inventor. Very analytical. Very sensitive to directions given on what strategic IP was needed. And very successful in getting ideas turned into patent applications.
    Bill Meade
    Basic Intellectual Property Management, Inc.

Defensive Publications

Published in Research Disclosure to disclose inventions without applying for a patent.

Aug 2003
Maser Large Jobs By Getting Host To Send Job Multiple Times
Jan 2003
Method and Use of an Instant Email Address Verification Service
Jun 2002
Method and Use of Preventing User from Copying Unauthorized Documents
Jun 2002
Method to Install Localization File Onto Printer Via Paper
Jun 2002
Method for Displaying Document Images
Jun 2002
Method and Use of Sending Photos from Camera Memory via Email
Jun 2002
An Output Paper Handling Device to Cut Edges for Tiled Printouts
May 2002
Attach a Removable-media Drive to a Printer for Direct Printing
Apr 2002
Print Job Reformatter Driver
Dec 2001
Method and Use of Swiping Credit Card on Printer to Print Statement
Dec 2001
Method to Use PDA to Download Localization File to Printer
Jul 2001
An External Output Device for a Printer that Shreds Paper When Desired
Jul 2001
An External Output Device for a Printer that Embosses Printed Media
Jul 2001
Devices External to the Printer that Allow Printing on a Pad of PostIt-brand Notes
Apr 2000
Structuring Source Code Data in One File to Be Used in Multiple Files
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