Medical System Provides Shocking Benefits to Those Fighting Cancer

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March 17, 2017
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Medical System Provides Shocking Benefits to Those Fighting Cancer

Brain cancer will afflict 23,800 adults this year, and cause 16,700 deaths, making it the 10th leading cause of death.

Any possible treatment that could be used to increase the survivability rates should be taken.

A company called Novocure recently developed an intuitive way to treat brain tumors: electric shock.

The patients wear a cap (called the Optune) for about 18 hours a day while it works in conjunction with chemotherapy. It has strips of electrodes connected to a small generator that the patient carries in a bag.

It works by sending electrical fields into the brain and into the cancer cells. The electricity disrupts the cancer cells’ ability to split and grow. Since the majority of cells splitting in the brain are cancer cells, it does not adversely affect the normal function of the brain.

After a five-year clinical trial, the Optune has proven advantages. In the first two years, patients who used it had a 12% increase in survival rates. Three years out saw a 10% jump in survival rates. 4 years continued to see an increase in survival rates with a 12% increase. Five years out saw an 8% jump in survival rates as compared to those who did not use the cap.

While unorthodox and unconventional, this method of healing has proven itself as reliable in keeping our loved ones with us.



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