Apple Watch detects health problems

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November 17, 2017
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January 12, 2018

Apple Watch detects health problems

In the 1960’s, the cartoon show “The Jetsons” predicted what they thought 2062 would look like. They predicted flying cars, commercial inter-planetary travel, and a two-hour work week.

While we are waiting on all of that to still come into fruition, they did make one remarkably accurate prediction that we have today: the future of watches. We are able to make video calls from our watches, and have been for a while.

However, the future is proving to be even better than fiction: watches are now diagnosing medical problems.

Geoffrey Tison of the University of California San Francisco and Avesh Singh of Cardiogram worked together on a study that showed that household wearable technology like Fitbit and the Apple Watch were able to detect hypertension with 82% accuracy, sleep apnea with 90% accuracy, and abnormal heart rhythms with 97% accuracy.

The implications of this could radically alter the treatment of these conditions.

Instead of spending thousands to go to a highly-specialized doctor who uses specific tools to diagnose a condition, you may have just as much luck with a home device you may already own. Apple may one day even decide to refine and perfect its devices’ ability to diagnose these problems and market them as a day-to-day convenience as well as a medical tool.

While we don’t quite have all of what the Jetsons promised quite yet, in other ways, we’re more advanced than the Jetsons!


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